Death From Above!

On April 8th, Dominick appeared live on Twitch TV’s “Death from Above,” playing the Battletech villain of the week. If you missed the live stream, you can check out the replay below. Enjoy!


“Ars Moriendi Vol. 1” Released Today!

Mechanical Ghost’s dark ambient odyssey, “Ars Moriendi Vol. 1: Stepping Sideways and Descending” has officially been unleashed upon the world! Listen to a sample of the whole album and then get your copy in MP3 or Digipak CD format by clicking the “Music Store” link at For a limited time, if you buy a CD copy of “Ars Moriendi” you also get a CD copy of Mechanical Ghost’s debut album, “Shadowbox.” Order yours today! The first batch of orders will go out on April 13, 2016.