“Ars Moriendi Vol. 2: Oneiroi in Flux” Available Now!

The wait is over! Two years to the day that “Ars Moriendi Vol. 1: Stepping Sideways and Descending” was released, Mechanical Ghost is proud to present the new dark ambient odyssey, “Ars Moriendi Vol. 2: Oneiroi in Flux.” The whole album is available in digital format for just $5 at the Music Store.

AMv2 Cover Art

The second phase of Mechanical Ghost’s all-instrumental sonic ritual, “Ars Moriendi Vol. 2: Oneiroi in Flux” breaches the veil between death and dreams, into new vistas of auditory occultism. Continuing in the vein of “Ars Moriendi Vol. 1: Stepping Sideways and Descending,” the music contained in this opus is more a collection of abstract tonal paintings than easily-digestible plastic pop songs. Beyond the grating scrapes, distorted booms and bangs, reverb-laced and delay-heavy tones, and droning synths that have become Mechanical Ghost’s signature sound; some of these tracks take on an orchestral feel, pulling the album together before dispersing the sound back into far-out ambience. This recording is designed to be an auditory journey, each song leading into the next to tell a story that is largely left up to listener interpretation, conceived in dreams and deep meditative states, with little concern for fitting into any particular box. Listen in the dark, with headphones for an optimal experience.