Mechanical Ghost is a genre-defying experimental music project spearheaded by songwriter/producer/noise junkie, Dominick Balsamo (aka Diskord). The experiment began in 2014, with the release of “Shadowbox,” a post-industrial synth album built upon layers of crashing beats, throbbing bass, static-laden synth, and distorted vocals. The next phase was the Spring 2016 release of “Ars Moriendi Vol. 1: Stepping Sideways and Descending,” an all-instrumental dark ambient nightmare that falls somewhere between a classical composition, a score for a horror movie that never was, and a bad dream from which you just can’t wake. Presently, Mechanical Ghost is back in the lab putting together an abstract hip-hop/dub/industrial release.

Musical schizophrenia is the name of the game, and the mantra is: “If you did it right the first time, why do it twice?” As an art project, Mechanical Ghost goes where inspiration takes it, and does not attempt the hubris of controlling inspiration. This music is not for everyone (it may not be for anyone), but if you are tired of the same old pop fluff that the music industry shoves down your throat year after year, Mechanical Ghost may be for you.