Mechanical Ghost is an experimental music project/techno-occult ritual, spearheaded by songwriter/producer/noise-junkie, Dominick Balsamo. This project goes where inspiration takes it, and does not attempt the hubris of forcing the creative process into a single box. The sound is complex, abstract, mysterious, cacophonous, and sometimes downright scary. Each recording is designed to be a journey from the inner-realms of the psyche, to the outer-realms of consciousness. This music is not for everyone (it may not be for anyone), but if you are tired of the same old pop fluff that the music industry shoves down your throat year after year, Mechanical Ghost may be for you.

Artist’s Bio

Dominick Balsamo has been writing and recording music since 1994. He performed as lead vocalist for a number of punk, metal, and industrial bands while also honing his skills in the digital studio as a solo artist. In 2000 he graduated from California Recording Institute in San Francisco, CA. Since then, he has primarily been a solo artist, first recording industrial metal under the name Entropy Five. He later branched out into experimental hip-hop with Old Scratch and the Necrophonic Orchestra, which is still an active project with a new album in the works. In 2013 he embarked on a different, stranger path, when he conceived Mechanical Ghost. He also works in the professional wrestling industry as a promoter and MC/announcer with Cen-Cal Professional Wrestling, and co-hosts the Post Mortem Show Horror Podcast.


  • Shadowbox (2014)
  • Ars Moriendi Vol. 1: Stepping Sideways and Descending (2016)
  • The Gaki Sessions: Seppuku Party 1702 (2018 Remaster/2005 Original Recording)